IT契約書解説サイト「商品、サービスの内容」条項追加IT contracts term “goods, services”

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お互いに合意したことをきちんと書面にしておくことで無用なトラブルを防ぐことができるでしょう。I added the contents of “Term No.3 goods & services.”

Of cource we always write down them on the contracts. But they sometimes would be expressed ambiguously.

* Exception: NDA etc…

For example, it sometimes happens that the service is not clear about the reform construction contract. The service written on the document may be “One set of outer wall construction” or “One set of floor lower construction.” What would he/she do for you!?

If contents you agreed are not written on the document properly like this, you must feel uneasiness.

On the contrary, the suppulier may have risks. The client may require everithing withput an end.

I reccomend you to make the agreed contents properly on the contract. Then it would prevent you from many troubles.