How to establish “general incorporated association” in Japan.

We can establish “General incorporated association(GIA)” since 2008 in Japan.
Before 2008, establishing “Incorporated association” is quite difficult.
Now we can establish GIA easier! GIA needs 2 or more person who has voting rights. There is no rule of capiital amount. And more, Non-profitable type of GIA can enjoy preferential treatment system of the tax.
Then when one would like to start business, he/she can choose various kind of company; Kabushiki-gaisha, Godo-Gaisha, Individual, or GIA. JASRAC which is well-known as an association of managing copyright in Japan, choose GIA for their organization.


*GIA for foreign company
If you are the company who has a lot of member outside Japan and you want to come Japan, you can choose GIA now. One of the big difference from General incorporated foundation(GIF) is minimum capital amount. GIF needs more than 3 million yen.
And GIA is suitable for the organization which want to recruit members widely because its name.
GIA needs at least one director(Riji). More than one directors must be Japanese resident. This is the same of Incorporated company(Kabushiki-gaisha). So if there is no resident in Japan, it is difficult to establish GIA.
GIA organization is similar to NPO. NPO have to hold a general meeting every year. GIA has a lot of limitation by law.

*Costs of establishing
(GIA, 1 headoffice, no capital amounts)
1. Registration and license tax YEN 63,000
2. Notary fee YEN 50,000
3. Notary copy YEN 2,000
4. Seal YEN 5,000
5. Certificate YEN 2,000
sub total     YEN 122,000

*our fee YEN 84,000
total YEN 206,000

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